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Postmodernism refers to the late 20th-century movement that expanded over the arts, architecture, philosophy and criticism. While it spans over a wide number of topics it is often simply an attitude of skepticism toward human nature and progress. As an artistic movement is focused on contradicting the aspects of modernism or aspects that had emerged in the aftermath of modernism. Postmodernism art will often draw upon styles from various time periods and combine the with modern trends to create a new modern style that has similar characteristic but unique in and of its own.

 Art is considered to be postmodern if it includes bricolage, words as the prominent or central artist element, collage, simplification. Performance art, recycling of styles, appropriation or a merging of pop culture and high and low art.

Bricolor is the construction of a piece of work utilizing various materials that are available. Bricolor can be applied across various forms of art and can be easily improvised by using one’s environment for materials.

Collage artworks have gained in popularity over the years because you can easily mix a variety of images and materials in one piece of artwork. Newspaper clipping, magazines, photographs and many other mediums and elements can be utilized to create a collage piece.

Appropriation has had a major impact on the art world. It was a prominent practice during the Cubism and Dadaism movements and was increasingly used by Neo-geo artist. Appropriation adopts or borrows aspects of existing images or objects with little transformation being done to them. This results in a new work that recontextualizes the borrowed into a new original piece.

Performance art can be scripted or unscripted but in most instances will involve a performance being presented to an audience. Performance art can be present in a live setting or through a media recording. Most performance art involves four elements which include time, space, the body of the performer or its simple presence and the relationship the performer creates with the audience.

 Postmodernism often contradicts the value of the most current artworks at a given time. Postmodern art will often blur the lines of high art and low art and many artists will experiment with a variety of techniques and materials that will push a number of ideas and notion based on modern day art. Postmodernism art has introduced a number of elements from commercialism and kitsch art forms. Postmodernism artist will combine a number or artistic styles from the past such as from the Baroque period or the Renaissance and merge these techniques with a more current style. This ultimately ignores the original intention of the styles from those periods and instead creates a new style with common characteristics.

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