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The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (1929 - ) has been practicing for close to seventy years. Her works range in medium from performance art and environmental sculptures to painting and collages to even fashion collaborations. A constant theme in her work is repetition and pattern, drawn from her interest in the psychedelic.

Her work is defined by creating a net in which the negative spaces between the loops of the net are polka dots. Thus, most people see dots before they come to see the space in which they are placed. Kusama has been suffering from hallucinations since childhood, in which these net motifs are rooted in. Her Infinity Nets series is where some of her most famous works stand out. However, she too focuses on real life objects, such as Shoes and Pumpkin, yet they too are developed through nets, negative spaces, and dots, in brilliant, bright, and often contrasting colours.

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