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Mel Ramos has participated in almost 120 group shows since 1959. He has got success as well as critical acclaim for his paintings and has often been referred as “adventuresome artist.”

He was born at Sacramento in California in the year 1935. He studied arts in City College, San José State College and State College of Sacramento, completing his M.A. in 1958. After completing his education, he taught arts at several institutions such as Mira Lama High School, Elk Grove High School and State College of California. During the year 1962, Ramos started his painting with gaudy super-heroes from various comic strips using a heavy oily pigment. In 1963, his works were included in an exhibition of Contemporary Art Museum in Houston.

Mel Ramos got married to Leta Ramos in the year 1955. Prior to their marriage, Leta had modelled for many of his nude paintings.

Ramos held his solo exhibition for the first time at Bianchini Gallery of New York. In 1965, he invented a unique style in Pop Art by combining advertisements of branded products with images of nude girls from different American magazines. He had exhibited this distinctive form of art in several exhibitions since 1966. The list is endless and includes such names as San Francisco Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of New York, Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, Haus Lange Museum of Krefeld, and Art Gallery of University of Nevada among others.

Along with James Rosenquist, Tom Wesselmann, Wayne Thiebaud and Claes Oldenburg, Ramos had produced several art works that highlighted several aspects of “popular culture” that were represented in mass media. His works had been shown at major Pop Art exhibitions of both US and Europe. These paintings were later reproduced in catalogs, periodicals and books all over the world.

In 2009, Ramos participated in the 1st exhibition of American Portuguese art book (bilingual) named "Ashes to Life a Portuguese American Story in Art" along with his contemporaries like John Mattos and Nathan Oliveira. The exhibition was held in California.

Louis K. Meisel Gallery represented several celebrated works of Mel Ramos since 1971. Modernism Gallery of San Francisco and Galerie Ernst Hilger of Austria had also represented the works of this dynamic painter for several years.

The year 2011 had been quite memorable for Ramos since his works were displayed at a significant exhibition, held at Albertina Museum of Vienna.

Some critics of the ‘art world’ classify Ramos as a “Pop Artist.” However, this classification is too narrow if we consider his paintings in the broader context. Ramos’s humour has never been a satire of mockery. His “parodies” have been respectful and affectionate tributes with a personal touch from the painter.

A compilation of his fifty years of work was displayed at Crocker Art Museum at Sacramento on 2nd June, 2012. This show was considered as "the first major exhibition of his work in his hometown" and his 1st US retrospective in last thirty five years.

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