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Joan Miró was born in Barcelona on April 20th 1893. He was a sculptor, ceramicist and painter. He went to business school at just 14 years of age, and also studied at La Lonja’s Escuela Superior de Artes Industriales y Bellas Artes. He studied art for 3 years before becoming a clerk. He then left the business world after a serious illness and in 1912 he went back to his art studies at Francesc Galí’s Escola d’Art .
The dealer José Dalmau encouraged him in his work and in 1918 he gave Joan his own show, at his Barcelona gallery, His art was inspired by Paul Cezanne and Vincent van Gogh in these early years.

On his first trip to Paris in 1920 he met Pablo Picasso. His work The Farm painted in 1921-22 shows his home farm in Barcelona. And is considered his first great work. Dalmau also set up his first Paris exhibition. In Paris he met lots of artists and his work started to take on a surreal feel. He had a solo show at Galerie Pierre in 1925, and was also included in the surrealist show there in the same year.

Although he took many influences into his work he always maintained his own form and style which kept his work unique. In the late 20’s he started to work with collages and this led him to move onto surrealist sculptures. He also experimented with pastels, water colours, lithography, engraving and even some painting over copper. In 1927 he has work exhibited in the United States of America In 1929 he married his fiancé Pilar Juncosa on October 12th in Palma.

From this period there are two particular sculptures that Miró himself celebrated. They are The Wall of the Moon and The Wall of the Sun and they stand in the UNESCO in Paris. He spent his life between Barcelona and Paris, usually returning to Barcelona for Christmas. His work is included in many exhibitions.

In July 1930 his daughter is born in Barcelona and he stays there and starts work on his first 3 dimensional works, Constructions. These works were made of Metal and wood and had nails that protruded outwards in an aggressive challenge to tradition. It is thought only two of these works have survived. he returns to Palma and starts a series of sketchbooks which become the basis of his drawings using Conte pencil on Ingres paper.

In 1947 he went to New York, during which time he creates a Mural for a hotel in Cincinnati. This creates more interest in America and his work appeared in many galleries including a solo exhibition in New York. By 1964 his work is exhibited in the Tate Gallery in London.

He spent a lot of his time making sculptures in ceramics and then bronzes. In 1968 he is awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by Harvard University. In 1969 he becomes interested in tapestry and collaborates with Royo in 1970 on their first work together. He continued to work until in all mediums until his death, after his 90th birthday in 1983 and his artwork is all around the world.

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