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Widely considered one of the greatest artists of our time, Gerhard Richter is a German artist who is known primarily for painting but is also an accomplished drawer and sculptor. In addition to being known for his paintings, Richter has accepted a few commissions most notably a 66 ft. tall stained glass window in the Cologne Cathedral.

Before studying at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 19, Richter worked as a painter’s apprentice. Richter was rejected once by the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts before finally being accepted. Richter began painting at a volatile time in German history as two of his first paintings were covered after he defected from East Germany to West Germany in 1961. The escape to West Germany proved to be a smart move for more than the obvious reasons relating to the status of the two countries or the events that took place during that time. In addition to being safe, Richter was able to study at Kunstakademie Dusseldorf which is the Arts Academy of the city of Dusseldorf. The academy is known for a number of well-known artists and photographers including several of his contemporaries while studying at the academy.

Richter has various sorts of styles of paintings though he perhaps best known for his abstract work as well as what is referred to as “photo-paintings” or “blurred” paintings. His abstract paintings rarely had names outside of “Abstract Painting” and he is quoted as saying that by not naming the painting he was “letting a thing come, rather than creating it.” On the other hand, Richter’s photo-paintings were created by projecting a photo’s image onto the canvas and tracing it with colours already in the photograph. The result of this style is the trademark blur for which much of his work is known.

While Richter was better known in Europe than in the United States for most of his career, that changed when a retrospective exhibit traveled to well-known museums in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, DC. It was at this point that Richter firmly established himself as one of the greatest artist of the current era. With this recognition, Richter won numerous awards all over the world in Japan, Israel, Italy and in his home country of Germany. Richter is also a fan of the band Sonic Youth and he allowed the group to use his art on the album of Daydream Nation. Richter did not charge the band to use the art.

Gerhard Richter is still an active artist and his work has been displayed in solo exhibitions as recently as 2012. With slightly more than a third of his work owned by museums, his paintings can sell for millions of dollars. In fact, an abstract painting from 1994 sold for $34.2 million in 2012 and a landscape painting from 1969 of Lake Lucerne recently sold for $24 million in 201. However, his most expensive piece is Abstraktes Bild which sold for $44.52 million also in 2015.

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