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Growing out of French Fauvism, influenced by Matisse and Cezanne amongst others, French artist Georges Braque (1882 – 1963) can be cited as the artist who created the first Cubist painting with his work Houses at L’Estaque (1908). While this title pays homage to Cezanne and an area in France Cezanne visited frequently, Braque explores the notions of landscape through a unique view of perspective.

While cubists were known for their use of varied perspective, in that perspective would be untrue yet appealing and intriguing to the human eye, Cubists were also known for the implementation of stenciled letters into their work. For Braque, adding letters, moreover parts of words, contributed to a level of complication such as in his work Fruitdish and Glass (1912) where the words, or parts of words “BAR” and “ALE”. Besides his use of unique perspective alongside the combination of lettering, Braque is also known for his collages, like the work mentioned before, in which he incorporated everyday objects such as wood grained paper to stand in for actual wooden objects.

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