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Ed Ruscha (1937 - ), the Pop and Conceptualist American artist, is best known for his works which involve words or phrases, influenced by his training as a commercial artist. Thus typography eventually became the primary subject of his photographs, prints, and paintings, typically portrayed in a flat manner.

Ruscha experiments with words, emphasizing the idea behind the piece in accordance with what art can and cannot represent. Such an example is his piece, “NOISE,” in which the artist has painted the letters in a meticulous mechanical like typeface against a solid, dark background.

Other examples such as “A BLVD. CALLED SUNSET,” employ another technique of his, using “spilled liquids,” or in this particular case, blackberry juice, as the medium. This technique of using stained liquids adds another dimension to these conceptual works. Not only is the painting created using “spilled liquids, but “A BLVD. CALLED SUNSET,” not only recalls a sunset in its actual rendering, but it too references the movie, Sunset Boulevard.

Ruscha is not only famous for his works which revolve around text, but he is also known for his silhouette pieces, in which urban landscapes and animals are created in an intriguing and eye-catching manner which evoke a sense of mystery, such as in his pieces “Anchor in the Sand,” and “Absolut Coyote.”

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